Practice History

Melliss LLP began life as J.C. Melliss and Co. in 1878, formed by J.C. Melliss, a former Royal Engineers Officer. His son H.J. Melliss joined the company, later forming a partnership with H.R. Smart and continued working for the company until 1955. J.C. Melliss and Co. merged with another practice in 1961 and the name was changed to Melliss and Partners.

John Charles Melliss was part of the Melliss family that are synonymous with St. Helena, like his father he was employed by the Colonial Government. In 1871, because of government retrenchment, he was made redundant and returned to England to look for work. When back in England he completed his work on St. Helena and published his book St. Helena: A Physical, Historical and Topographical Description of the Island, including the Geology, Fauna, Flora and Meteorology in 1875 The book is still considered to be the major authority on St. Helena’s flora. To commemorate the book’s centenary in 1975, the St. Helena Post Office published a series of stamps.

Until the early 1960’s the firm was responsible for mainly civil engineering works. The firm was also concerned with water supplies in parts of London and Norfolk. Especially the design of water towers in Norfolk. These towers, many of which are still in use, have become part of the landscape.

The firm was also involved in many civil engineering works along the river Thames and in London.

These include many wharves, jetties, warehouses and silos. During the Second World War, H.J. Melliss was involved in both the P.L.U.T.O. (Pipe Line Under The Ocean) and Mulberry Harbour projects. At this time, all of our records were destroyed by enemy action.

From the 1960’s onwards Melliss and Partners have considerably increased the structural content of its work and has been involved in a great variety of building projects.

Melliss and Partners became Melliss LLP in 2002.